"Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually."  
I Chronicles 16:11 KJV  

Rearing Spiritual Children to Serve the Saviour

In this spiritual and extremely practical book, Rearing Spiritual Children to Serve The Saviour, Dr. Terry Coomer takes us back to the Bible for training our children to grow up and serve God.  This is a must read for every Christian parent who is serious about their children and family walking with God.  This book takes you through all the important steps that are neglected today and will help every parent know how to be successful in rearing spiritual children to grow up and serve the Saviour.

20 Chapters: Where Are The Fathers?  Not Forgetting The Children.  The Inconsistent Parent.  Why Are We Failing?  How Do I Convey A Spiritual Relationship With God To My Children?  Proper Discipline Of The Child.  Improper Discipline Of The Child.  Getting The Heart Of The Child.  Dealing With Ungodly Anger.  The Difference Between Character and Integrity.  How Do You Measure Your Christian Life?  Dealing With Pride.  Twenty Two Helpful Thoughts on Rearing Children For God.  How To Have A Real Relationship With God.  How To Have A Daily Time With God.  How To Deal With Hurt.  How To Deal With a Different Hurt.  Why Has God Allowed This Hurt?  Why Can't I Change My Life?  What Should I Do Now That I Have Failed?

Following is a  Recommendation from Dr. David Cloud, Way Of Life Literature

CHILD TRAINING MUST BE A HIGH PRIORITY - One thing that is consistent with parents who have had the joy of seeing their children serve Christ is that they have made this a high priority. It is not something that just happens by taking kids to church. In his excellent new book Rearing Spiritual Children, Pastor Terry Coomer testifies: “We had not been saved very long and were in the first few months of Bible College. I was not impressed with the children that were being reared around me at college. Also, I was not impressed with many of the pastor’s children I saw and with those who were preparing to serve God as pastors and the children they were rearing. I shared this with my wife and we prayed and asked God for help in this matter. We sat down together and read every verse in the Bible that talked about rearing children, our responsibility in rearing our children, and any verse that was remotely connected. We prayed and meditated over the verses and asked that God would make them real in our lives. We started the plan when Teresa was a baby and we made this a goal in our lives. God was gracious to show us many things we needed. We were not spiritually mature Christians when we started to look at these verses; we were just a young couple asking God to help us rear our children for Him. James 4:8 became very real in our lives, ‘Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.’ God began to teach us and we applied what the Lord was showing us. I would go in to Teresa’s room every evening while she was asleep as a baby and get down beside the bed and pray for God to help us to be spiritual parents, to do exactly as He commanded, and to not let us fail in this matter” (Rearing Spiritual Children, 2009, p. 46, www.fortheloveofthefamily.com). Observe that this couple did not accept the status quo. They wanted something different for their home and for their children than what they were seeing around them even at a fundamental Baptist Bible College. They made godly child training a high priority, and studied God’s Word and trusted Him to lead them in this matter. The proper goal, of course, is to produce young people who know Christ personally and who seek His perfect will, whatever that turns out to be for their individual lives.

Publisher: For The Love of The Family

Author: Terry Coomer

178 pages

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