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Managers of Their Chores – A Practical Guide to Children’s Chores

In the same way that Managers of Their Homes helped tens of thousands of mums "get it all done," Managers of Their Chores helps families conquer the chore battle. The book and included ChorePack system have the potential to revolutionize the way your family accomplishes chores. Whether you are chore challenged or a seasoned chore warrior, you will gain motivation and loads of practical advice on implementing a stress-free chore system. While this book will not do your chores for you, it is an incredible tool that will allow you to create and maintain a successful chore system for your family. Help prepare your children -- from preschoolers to teens -- for life by teaching them to do chores.

This also comes with 1 ChorePack Kit. The ChorePack Kit includes materials for 4 children. (Additional kits are available.)

Publisher: Communication Concepts, Inc.

Authors: Steve & Teri Maxwell

199 pages - Spiral Bound




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