"Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually."  
I Chronicles 16:11 KJV  

Heroes of Faith on Pioneer Trails

Heroes of Faith on Pioneer Trails - A short biographical challenging look at 10 missionaries lives.

Dr. Eugene Myers Harrison lived a life dedicated to the propagation of the gospel to the ends of the earth, having spent time as a missionary to the people of Burma. As a distinguished scholar, teacher, pastor and crusader for evangelical Christian missions, Dr. Harrison has handled the stories of the selected missionaries with great insight, providing unique understanding and the central ideal and Scriptural text which governed each of these choice servants of Christ.

As you take up this book and begin reading you will be challenged and encouraged in your own service to the LORD as you follow the lives of David Brainerd, William Carey, Henry Martyn, Robert Morrison, Adoniram Judson, John Williams, Robert Moffat, David Livingstone, Hudson Taylor and John G. Paton.

Dr. Harrison uses a favourite text of Scripture for each missionary as the central theme of their lives, their calling and ministry.

There are many biographies and accounts already in print which go into greater detail in dealing with the lives of each of these great men, but none which will bring out the very heart of each of them in such clarity and feeling in such a short account. You will feel as though you have glimpsed their very hearts in just a short period of time. Don’t think of this work as duplication of facts already known, but rather an extension of their stories as seen through the spiritual insight of Dr. Harrison.

After reading the accounts of the trials and tribulations of these men and how they faced it with their faith in their God and His promises, you just may be challenged to follow in their footsteps and see your own faith increased.


Publisher: Bethel Baptist

Author: Eugene Myers Harrison

196 pages

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