"Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually."  
I Chronicles 16:11 KJV  

David Livingstone & Robert Moffat

Robert Moffat
You will be blessed to read the life of Robert Moffat. He loved the Lord and served Him well. He left his beloved Scotland for the dark continent of Africa. There he spent his entire life patiently sowing God's Word in the hearts of the natives. He lived with the barest of necessities while rearing his family. He endured unspeakable hardships as he took every opportunity to teach the natives. He translated the Bible into their language. He left an enduring ministry which his son carried on after him. It is a very great blessing to read the account of his departure from this temporal earth to his eternal home in heaven. Oh, may we all learn to love our Saviour and have as deep a relationship with Jesus as Robert Moffat had!

David Livingstone
This excellent biography reveals the heart of this dedicated servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. His first desire was to reach the natives for the Lord with salvation. Because of constant and aggressive opposition to missionaries by the white slave traders, he was forced to become an explorer in order to open up a new path for missionaries to come into Africa. His next earnest desire was to stop the horrors of the slave trade. His life was one of loneliness and suffering, but he never lost sight of his mission as a servant to the Lord. He was faithful to Christ unto the end. You will also enjoy reading about his precious relationship with his dear wife, Mary. Livingstone's life will be an encouragement to you. He was a man of great character and loved the Lord with his whole heart!

Publisher: Keepers of the Faith

Author: J. J. Ellis

145 pages


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