"Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually."  
I Chronicles 16:11 KJV  

The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide

The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide is prayerfully written for:

The Sincere Inquirer of biblical Christianity who seeks to know why there has to be God and why Christianity is the only way to heaven;

The Serious Christian who is looking for clear answers to give the world the hope it is searching for; and

The Soul-Winning Pastor who is burdened to provide his members a means by which means they can engage the lost meaningfully and confidently.

The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide is carefully crafted to provide sharp, succinct, scriptural answers to give to “…every man asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you.” (1 Peter 3:15) It is to aid the soul-winner in understanding why he believes in what he believes with regard to the vast complexities of issues confronting him today so that he can, in turn, confidently lead another soul to the Lord.

Publisher: Benjamin & Caleb Publisher

Author: Y. T. Wee

176 pages – Spiral Bound

Item# CK253

NZ$30.00  ON SPECIAL $25.00


Table of Contents

I – The Presentation in Personal Evangelism
II – The Problem in Personal Evangelism

Chapter 1 – The Bible is Just a Story; Old Fashioned and Outdated
Chapter 2 – I Cannot See God
Chapter3 – I Cannot Understand Everything About the Bible
Chapter 4 – Why Would a Loving God Send a Soul to Hell Forever?
Chapter 5 – There is No Such Thing as Sin – Everything is Relative
Chapter 6 – I Am Sincerely Doing the Best that I Can
Chapter 7 – I Can Make it to Heaven by My Good Works
Chapter 8 – Doesn’t Salvation by Faith Sound Too Easy?
Chapter 9 – Why is Christianity the Only Way to God?
Chapter 10 – All Religions are the Same
Chapter 11 – I Cannot Feel I Need to Accept Christ
Chapter 12 – I Need to See a Sign Before I Can Believe
Chapter 13 – I Am Too Busy – I Still Have Time to Believe in Christ
Chapter 14 – I Have Parental of Family Objection
Chapter 15 – I Cannot Hold Out or I am Afraid I Will Fail If I Try
Chapter 16 – There is Too Much to Give Up
Chapter 17 – The Christian Life is Too Hard
Chapter 18 – My Heart is Too Hard
Chapter 19 – I am Too Great a Sinner
Chapter 20 – I Must Become Better Before I Can Believe in Christ
Chapter 21 – Why Do the Lost Find It Hard to Believe in God?
Chapter 22 – How About Those Who Have Never Heard of Christ?
Chapter 23 – Who Made God?
Chapter 24 – I Am a Freethinker or an Atheist
Chapter 25 – Why Do the Wicked Prosper and the Righteous Suffer?
Chapter 26 – How About Those Christians Who Are Hypocritical?
Chapter 27 – Why Are There So Many Denominations?
Chapter 28 – Why Are Christians Constantly Bothering Others About Their Faith?
Chapter 29 – What Happens to Babies and Little Children Who Died?
Chapter 30 – Why Does God Allow Satan, Sin and Suffering to Exist?
Chapter 31 – I Have Tried Christianity and Failed
Chapter 32 – Why Should the Wicked, Who Repented at the Last Moment, Go to Heaven, While the Righteous, Who Refused
to Accept Jesus Christ End Up In Hell?
Chapter 33 – Since a Christian’s Sins Have Been Paid For – Past, Present and Future – Does That Mean He Can Continue In Sins?
Chapter 34 – Why Does Paul Teach Salvation by Faith While James Seems to Teach Salvation by Work?
Chapter 35 – What About the Beliefs of Karma, Rebirth, Nirvana, Etc?
Chapter 36 – What About Idol Worship?
Chapter 37 – What About Astrology, Necromany, Paranormal Activites, UFOs, Extraterrestrial Beings, Etc?
Chapter 38 – Where Does the Bible Show that Jesus Christ is God?
Chapter 39 – What About the Trinity – One God Existing in Three Distinct Persons?
Chapter 40 – How About Evolution?
III. The Precept in Personal Evangelism
IV. The Picture in Personal Evangelism
V. The Potential in Personal Evangelism

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"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

II Chronicles 7:14 KJV