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Mother’s Little Helper Cookbook and Other Activities

An unusual little cookbook compiled especially for mothers of preschool children. The recipes are simple with clear, step-by-step instructions given as a mother would give them to her child.

The book is designed with two pages for each recipe: For Mother and For Mother’s Helper. Mother’s page includes the recipe and the procedure for following it. Two headings, Child will need: and For Mother to do: also appear on that page.

Mother will follow the instructions on the For Mother’s Helper to tell her little helper just what to do next.

The book is designed so that Mother can continue with her own work—sewing, ironing, preparing a dish of her own, or whatever—glancing only when necessary at the open book with its numbered directions to tell her child what to do next. Attractively illustrated with spaces for notes, where a mother can record helpful additions or ideas of her own that she may wish to remember. The book also includes a list of twenty other activities or jobs that small children can do.


A book designed especially for mothers who wish to fill their little children’s time with useful and helpful activities.


By Mary Jane Boll; illustrated by Martha (Shertzer) Kuhns
Rod and Staff Publishers

48 pages wire coil bound


Item# R2357

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